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🤍This is a bundle of 15 UNIQUE reels…none of these videos are ever duplicated in any of my other bundles.


🤍These reels will come to your email as a link in a PDF document. Click on that link and open the file in your Canva (the FREE version is fine)


🤍You can now edit the captions on each video as you wish according to your messaging and brand voice.


🤍After editing, download each reel to your computer (or phone) and it is ready to use!


🤍Some of my reel bundles do not have any captions and are labeled as “blank” in their title. You may add any caption you wish to these videos.


🤍Use these reels as content in your Digital Marketing business…especially if you are a Faceless Marketer


🤍These reels have MRR (Master Resell Rights) as well as Unrestricted PLR (Private Label Rights). This means you may edit, rebrand and price as you wish.


🤍At this time, I am not selling any of my reels mock ups. I’m sorry. I know a ton of you buy my mock ups to use in your business but I just haven’t added them as of yet :(


🤍As always, if you have any questions just click on the “Contact Me” form and I’ll answer as soon as I can.


🤍Wishing you ALL the best in YOUR business 🤍

THE SHELLY COLLECTION: 15 Lifestyle Reels Sale price$33.00 USD

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